Kibale National Park

Kibale National Park contains one of the loveliest and most varied tracts of tropical forest in Uganda. The park is home to a total of 70 mammal species, most famously 13 species of primate including the localised red Colobus, L’Hoest’s monkeys, the endemic Uganda Mangabey and man’s closest relatives, the chimpanzee. Kibale has the highest concentration of primates in the world, so seeing them is pretty much guaranteed! It also home to over 375 species of birds, about 60 percent of all recorded forest species of Uganda.

When chimpanzees and other forest residents rest up at dusk, a night time shift of rarely seen creatures becomes active. Bats, pottos, bush babies, and civets are the most active at night. Night walks though the dark forest to seek these nocturnal creatures is increasingly popular.