Rwenzori Mount National Park

The Rwenzori’s- the fabled Mountains of the Moon provide the third highest point in Africa. The lower slopes are blanketed in moorland, bamboo and rich moist montane forest. As you go higher, the vegetation opens up to huge tree-heathers and colorful mosses with giant lobelias and “everlasting flowers” creating an enchanting, fairytale scene.

The park sits within the bird rich Albertine Rift, arguably one of the world’s most critical birdlife corridor. Birding opportunities are greatest in the montane forest. Bee-eaters, robins, sunbirds and barbets are some of the 220 species found in Rwenzori. These include several Albertine endemics and 17 species that are endemic to the park.

The neighboring Bakonzo villages offer nature walks, homestead visits cultural performances and accommodation, including home-cooked local cuisine.